Mission: To establish deep “roots” in local communities to grow the future of disc golf
We are a true grassroots program that seeks to increase overall participation in disc golf. Focusing on one community at a time, we plan to target after-school programs, gym classes, youth groups, and local organizations that help children such as Big Brothers & Big Sisters. Research shows that about 45 million children between the ages of 6-17 play a sport in America. Imagine what could happen if 1 percent of that number played disc golf.
Our Goals
- Provide opportunities for lower-income families to play disc golf at no or little cost.
- Increase the number of children participating in disc golf.
- Increase the overall presence and participation of disc golf.
Our Plan
We intend to reach out to groups such as after-school programs, supplying them with a basket and 25 discs.
As funding increases, we plan to expand our services out of our original 60-mile radius to other communities. We would like to supply 12 locations in the first year of operation, and 100 locations within a five-year span.
We intend to need approximately $3,000 in initial seed money, but hope to obtain additional funds through the creation and operation of an online store, or through partnerships with large stores and disc golf manufacturers. Obtaining consistent sources of funding will allow our “Roots” in local communities to strengthen. As we grow, the sport of disc golf also will grow.
Our online store will offer items such as discs, shirts, and stickers but also will have a donation option allowing individuals, businesses or groups to donate funds which will cover the cost of a basket and 25 discs to a group in their local community.
All money raised by Project Roots will be invested into local programs and cover our operating costs.